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Comprehensive criminal background checks reduce your company's exposure to potential risks and liabilities.
Background Screening Services

ArrowHealth provides multi-layer,100 percent in-person/real-time FCRA-compliant reports.  Our unparalleled solutions provide the highest hit rates, as well as the most accurate information and comprehensive support available.


Our screening services are customizable and our online tools mean you have a variety of solutions at your fingertips. This, combined with our other employment services such as drug and alcohol testing and supervisor training, help your company increase productivity and reduce turnover.


Review our background screening products and contact us when you're ready to get started.


  • Unlimited county criminal records search

  • Single county criminal search

  • National criminal database search

  • Federal criminal record search

  • Sex offender registry search

  • Suspected terrorist watch list

  • Social security number (SSN) trace/ID report

  • County civil record search

  • Education verification

  • Employment verification

  • Certificate and professional license verification

  • Custom packages available

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