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DNA / Paternity Testing

Everyone is born with a unique genetic blueprint, known as DNA, passed from the mother and father. DNA identification provides a conclusive way to determine biological relationships, and DNA testing is the most accepted scientific and legal method to determine identity.


ArrowHealth is a full-service DNA testing company offering a wide range of DNA testing services including paternity, maternity, and family relationship testing, as well as immigration and forensic DNA testing. We also perform a unique paternity test before the child is born, known as prenatal paternity testing.


Whether you need service locally or nationwide, our AABB accredited laboratory results provide greater than 99.99% accuracy. Results are available fast, generally within 3 - 4 business days for standard paternity tests performed in Anchorage!


If you need results for use in court or a legal document, a legal DNA paternity test is required. Our legally admissible DNA testing gives you the facts you need, and at one of the lowest prices you'll find anywhere!


Benefits of our DNA testing include:


  • Same-day appointments are often available.

  • Non-invasive cheek (buccal) swab collection method.

  • AABB, ACLASS, CAP and CLIA accredited laboratory.

  • 100% accurate results! Most available in 3-4 business days once all samples are received at the lab.

  • Nationwide service capabilities for your convenience.

  • Convenient options for releasing test results; encrypted email, fax, mail, pick up in person.

DNA testing services can help those seeking to:
  • Confirm paternity / maternity
  • Obtain child support, visitation or custody
  • Resolve adoption disputes
  • Reunite family members
  • Determine if twins are identical or fraternal
  • Identify biological siblings or grandparents
  • Establish social security benefits or inheritance rights
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